One Teacher, One Student

One of the most distracting things about online schools is constantly having to re-introduce yourself to a new teacher. With TwoCan English you will have a single dedicated teacher who will get to know your needs exclusively.

25 Minute Lessons

Studies have shown that shorter study sessions help you remember more. By having shorter, more frequent lessons you can retain more knowledge.

Modern Learning

You can learn anything from the comfort of your home! Our courses allow you to be 100% flexible and our curriculum is designed to help you progress with your English speaking goals as quickly as possible.

Detailed Class Reviews

During each class your teacher is taking notes on grammar and new vocabulary that you can work on. After each class you receive a personal copy of this class review.

How do I get started?
(It's easy!)

1 - Book Your Free Lesson

The goal of the free evaluation is for us to get to know you and your needs. Just choose a time that you would like to have your free lesson.

2 - Make Sure You're Ready

You will need a working phone line, a computer or laptop and an internet connection.

3 - Follow The Link In Your Email

Is it time to start your free lesson? Great! You will get an email inviting you to your online classroom. Just click the link.

4 - Follow The Teachers Instructions

The class will begin when your teacher calls you. You will go through a series of pictures and slides in the online classroom.

5 - Get Your Certificate And Points To Improve

At the end of your free evaluation your teacher will prepare a certificate of proficiency for you. This will tell you your level of English. Your teacher will also recommend a course for you.

6 - Choose Your Course

Did you enjoy your free evaluation? Continue learning by choosing one of our courses designed to help you become fluent.

7 - Purchase Your Lessons

Choose how many lessons you want to start with. Our online checkout is safe and secure.

8 - Keep Learning

Your lessons will be flexible and can fit around your schedule. Choose as many lessons as you need. Your teacher is dedicated to helping you progress.

Take The First Step

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